The LAP was implemented by Funky Citizens, and carried out by members of a grassroots group from Tătărăuca Veche commune, Soroca rayon, in northern Moldova. They've organized different activities with 2 sessions each, and an Information’s Week, during which promotional materials and newsletters on the notion of fake news were distributed.

During the February '21 information week, "Stop Fake: an informed person is insured", the activity called "Disinformation in the information ocean” has been organized, aiming at familiarizing the participants with the false news in the media, TV and newspapers, discussing various types of misinformation, as well as its goals and its consequences on citizens and the solutions we have for dismantling fake news. Members of the Initiative Group and the 9th grade students from the “Eva Gudumac” Gymnasium also took part. Newsletters were also distributed to citizens of the community on the subjects like fake news and misinformation,. Moreover, hundreds of well-designed “Stop Fake” news leaflets were distributed.

Overall, the number of participants ranged from 22 to 34 people. For the entire week, 500 people have benefitted from the activities, especially the youth who were most active and interested in practical actions (Stopfake tests, fake images etc.), while older participants were more receptive to news already dismantled by the fact-checking initiative in Moldova - Stopfals.

To sum up, the goal was to make an attractive media education video tool, which will contribute to a better understanding by media consumers on how and to what extent, by using visual imagery, the citizens are prone to becoming misinformed and what can be the impact it. The purpose of the local action contributed to the improved media literacy building process in the Republic of Moldova..

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