We are the community of practice

A group of organizations and activists across Europe working towards strengthening civil society to adapt to new challenges in the digital world. Hive Mind is designed for you to train, share, and learn in a safe and secure environment. We believe in the importance of building online resilience, and our aim is to create online learning space for space for it. We believe in freedom of information, which is increasingly being challenged by sophisticated misinformation and disinformation tactics. We believe that work to support these freedoms begins with building media literacy skills throughout civil society and in communities where people come together to form trust and social ties.

What We Do

We've built a space to gain new skills and knowledge to bolster resilient communities;
- to have a critical approach by finding reliable sources of information
- to rise above information bubbles and garner a deeper understanding of circulating narratives
- to master the technology needed to overcome distorted and manipulated facts
- to gain access to counter narratives that reinforces digital resilience
- to create positive narratives and be heard and understood by the wider audience - to join a community of practice around a campaign, technology or topic you love


  • Connections and Community

    Our ambition is to grow a big and strong safety net for the community of practice. Here you will be able to connect with other activists, trainers and members of the community from Europe and beyond.

  • Resilience

    This is what we need now. And we can only grow it together.

  • Knowledge and Practice

    Environment with verified and up to date material aimed to enable self paced learning. But also to spread the knowledge in your local communities, wherever you see it is needed.