We are Hive Mind – a learning space for Activists, Trainers and Organizations around the world

We help civil society actors build their digital resilience. We facilitate an international learning Community of Practice for activists and organizations to share their expertise and needs to later use in their local communities.
This space is yours to learn, exchange best practices and to build new ties.
Join our community and feel free to use high-quality educational materials.

Hive Mind is scalable. If you see a need for a platform like Hive Mind, in your local context and language, together we can look for ways to make it happen.

Do you represent an organization that wants to collaborate with Hive Mind? Let’s work together to bridge more connections. Simply email us at contact@hive-mind.community and we will get back to you.

If you are a CSO activist and/or educator, Hive Mind will

- Support you (and your team) in leveling up your media literacy skills: digital safety and security, building positive narratives, media skills, countering disinformation and online campaigning. Learn at your own pace with our online courses.
- Support you (and your team) with methodologies and educational materials to spread knowledge further and educate others in your local communities.
- Help prepare and deliver online training. We provide our Community of Practice with an online space to lead their workshops, webinars and meet in a safe learning environment.
- Give you an opportunity to network with trainers from different countries. We connect you with trainers or organizations from different countries to learn lessons from local contexts.

Have a topic that is important to you? Want to discuss it with a larger, international community? Tell us about it by emailing contact@hive-mind.community
  • Connections and Community

    Our ambition is to grow a big and strong safety net for the community of practice. Here you will be able to connect with other activists, trainers and members of the community from Europe and beyond.

  • Resilience

    This is what we need now. And we can only grow it together.

  • Knowledge and Practice

    Environment with verified and up to date material aimed to enable self paced learning. But also to spread the knowledge in your local communities, wherever you see it is needed.

Who are We