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Webinar: Incident Management


How can you boost the traffic with good search terms?

Tips and tools for SEO and website analysis

NIOK | 14 min read | Jun 21, 2024

NIOK | 11 min read | Jun 3, 2024

MailerLite Experience - MailChimp Alternative for the Rainbow Mission Foundation

Most people know the Foundation for the Budapest Pride Festival and Parade, but their day-to-day work is also about social acceptance of LGBTQ people. They believe in a society in which they recognize the importance of self-awareness and actively work to improve their immediate environment and society.

NIOK | 3 min read | Jun 3, 2024

Using MailChimp at MU Theatre Association in Hungary

For 31 years MU Theatre has been promoting the performing arts culture in Hungary. Through its programmes, it empowers young and old, civic and grassroots initiatives, and empowers active participation through the arts. They work with community groups and educational institutions to give participants the opportunity to develop their creativity, self-awareness and communication, while becoming members of a vibrant cultural community.

NIOK | 5 min read | Jun 3, 2024

The Secret to Successful Communication: Dare to Measure and Change!

Here are some tips on how to start measuring the effectiveness of your own organizational communication.

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