All about The Toolkit

The Digital Activism Toolkit is a living tool, designed specifically for the staff of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), human rights organizations, teachers, trainers, journalists, media professionals, and other organizations targeted with the TechSoup network’s Digital Activism Program in the CEE. The Digital Activism Toolkit aims to guide its audience in choosing the relevant and effective tools for their campaigns and other disinformation-response actions to provide effective responses to the multifaceted and complex phenomenon of disinformation they face. It contains bespoke, localized disinformation response planning materials covering different methodologies and tools that leverage TechSoup Partners’ expertise, and existing educational materials and tools in the field of countering disinformation. The Toolkit aims to highlight relevant and up-to-date resources and guidelines on applying tech solutions and tools to build the capacity of its users and their ability to recognize and react to disinformation.

How do we select tools?

Each listed tool is hand picked by subject matter experts and their sources are verified as trusted organisations. The Toolkit contains useful resources in various formats, e.g., how-to instructions & manuals, guidelines, digital tools, tutorials, articles, case studies, online courses, and more. The resources presented in the Toolkit are divided into specific topic categories according to a set of keywords to support the audience in filtering the relevant content swiftly. The Toolkit topic categories include among others: countering disinformation, online campaigning, community building, digital activism, cyber security, digital well-being, fact-checking, and personal and organizational resiliency.