MEGAPHONE 2021 webinars: Changing Narrative Using Social Media and Digital Channels

Automated webinars | 15 April 2021 13:00 — 15 April 2021 14:00

Social media isn’t all about letting people know what you had for breakfast or how many times a day you have exercised. It has an incredible mobilizing capacity, which has given a chance to millions of people to have their voices heard. This session will look at how you can strategically use social media and digital channels to change harmful narratives and mobilize people for action. It will show you how you can create an evidence-based content strategy and put social media at the heart of what you do to serve your goals and objectives. We'll also focus on something important especially now - how to effectively use digital channels to fight apathy and isolation, by building a digital community of like-minded supporters. 

Activists, journalists, leaders of organizations—whether you have background in comms or not—if you want to win hearts and minds instead of constantly being on the defensive

  • You’ll be able to plan a cross-channel content strategy. 
  • You’ll be able to identify your Key Metric That Matters. 
  • You’ll be able to identify the best platforms for your campaigns.

HOW LONG IT WILL BE: webinar will take 45 minutes with 15 minute Q&A round at the end.

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