MEGAPHONE 2021 webinars: "Oops, I spilt my story…" - use of narrative as a form of sense-making

Automated webinars | 6 May 2021 13:00 — 6 May 2021 14:00

  • As well as being Homo Sapiens, we are also Homo Narrans! We tell stories, we live in stories, we use stories to describe our individual and collective identities, and stories are fundamental to the way we give meaning to our world.
  • I will share a few assumptions about being human and how we work with stories, for example our need to make connections even when there are none!
  • Along with each assumption, I will share practical suggestions for different ways of working with stories, and examples from my own practice.
  • My aim is to offer a richer approach to working with stories, and getting beyond the idea that we can design stories to change minds.

WHO IS IT FOR? Anyone who uses stories in their work and anyone who is not satisfied with their present way of working with stories.

KEY TAKE-AWAYS: Multiple ways of creating and using stories

HOW LONG WILL IT BE: webinar will take 45 minutes with 15 minute Q&A round at the end.
Bhavesh is supporting individuals, groups, and having conversations about their messy realities as they look for direction, using an eclectic range of sources and being influenced by complexity thinking. You might call him a facilitator, trainer, coach, host, or even a conversational gardener, but he’s very good at defying labels.

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