Personal and Organizational Resilience Online Self-Paced Course

Self-paced Course

Discover the Key to Personal and Organizational Resilience with Our Tailored Self-Paced Course for Activists and Leaders.
Gain the knowledge and skills to remain connected, present, and strategically navigate through crises, ensuring a lasting impact and effecting change.

This comprehensive course focuses on enhancing both individual well-being and organizational strategies.
By enrolling, you will gain exclusive access to modules covering such essential topics as stress management, self-care, “we-care” and well-being practices, masterful communication skills, as well as crisis response planning and tools.
Course duration: About 1 hour

Led by Наталія Бордун


Consultant and trainer of leadership and organizational development, change management, and mental health in the organization. Clinical psychologist. Lecturer at the Management and Organizational Development Department, UCU. Institute of Leadership and Management, UCU founder. OD coordinator for the Caritas Ukraine network (47 organizations all around Ukraine). The Board of Directors member in the international organization L'Arche (a network in 38 countries).

Led by Anna Kuliberda


I am an organization change consultant and learning professional who focuses on developing strong team cultures and creative, innovative organizations.

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