Thinking about how we could be of help at this moment we’ve come up with an idea about a series of dedicated meetings. We can't predict how the situation will develop but we can try to support each other through it, to try to be stronger (or vulnerable if that's what we need) and more resilient in the face of the numerous challenges ahead.

Let’s get together, learn from amazing experts and draw strength from the community! Join us for one or two episodes - take part on your own terms.

“A problem shared is a problem halved”, as they say.

What is it about, exactly?

  • It's a series of 4 online meetings with experts who will help us be better prepared for the everyday challenges: professional or private ones;

  • They will be short - as everyone’s tired of “online” anything;

  • They will be practical and useful.

Who is it for?

  • MLA Master Trainers,

  • MLA Partners,

  • Selected TS Partners,

  • Some members of the MEGAPHONE community.

Why should you take part in it?

  • You'll have a chance to check-in with the other members of the Master Trainers/ Partners community;

  • You'll get a restorative and helpful knowledge pill that will help you deal better with the current reality;

  • You’ll get to contribute with your presence and ideas to further strengthen and develop the community.

What topic areas will we focus on?

  • Building positive narratives - COMING SOON, ON MARCH 31ST, 13:00-14:30 CET!!! For details: see below ↓

  • Trends for 2022, Mental Resiliency, Going Back to the Basics: Communication Under Internet Shutdown - keep on the lookout for further details & dates!

1st Session on Building Positive Narratives:

In times of profound crisis and despair, this workshop aims at creating a space for participants to reflect on the relevance of narrative and storytelling for inspiring hope, community and care. Through interactive presentation, real-life examples and reflection participants will explore storytelling techniques that connect people’s hearts and minds behind a call to action.

We want to give you a heads up - this is a reflective session so the participants will be talking and there will be an exercise in breakout rooms - we know that on any given day people might not be up for it, so we just wanted to let you know ahead of time. We very much hope you will join us!


Activists, leaders of organizations—whether you have background in campaigning, comms or not—if you want to win hearts and minds instead of constantly being on the defensive


  • Understand the importance of values-based narrative and storytelling in times of crisis

  • Explore storytelling techniques to connect hearts and minds behind a call to action

  • Reflect and find hope in stories around us, in our work, communities and organizations


  • Date & time: 31 March 2022, 13:00-14:30 CET

  • How long will it be: 90 minutes - interactive session, with presentation and Q&A


Fotis Filippou is a campaign strategist, trainer and facilitator with over 15 years' experience using participatory approaches and tools to design and implement global, regional and national campaigns. Committed to equality, social and climate justice and a firm believer in the power of activism to achieve change, Fotis has for over a decade led Amnesty International’s campaigns to mobilize people and achieve human rights victories in the Europe and Central Asia region – in areas such as migration, anti-discrimination, gender-equality and freedom of expression, among others. In 2020 Fotis joined Mobilisation Lab where he led the Learning Experiences program and an organisational shift to virtual training and workshops as a response to the global Covid-19 pandemic. Since he became a freelancer in 2019, Fotis has been equipping activists and campaigners from around the world with the skills they need to design effective and powerful campaigns.