The Non-profit Information and Training Center (NIOK) Foundation was founded in Hungary in 1994.

NIOK's mission is to strengthen civil society in Hungary by empowering nonprofit organizations to be efficient, professional, resilient and independent. Toward that goal NIOK works with experienced and motivated staff as well as with a wide range of experts.

NIOK’s micro-donation platform is the largest of its kind in Hungary. To date, it has helped hundreds of small and mid-sized CSO’s raise over 4.35 M USD through specially designed services (e.g. online donations, crowdfunding, text/call based donations) and related consultancy support. This work has given us an overview of the fundraising needs and challenges of CSO’s working for a wide range of causes.

We joined the Hive Mind program in late 2020 because we believe that the topics Hive Mind addresses are crucial in Hungary as well.

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