It’s this time of the year again... when we revisit our password habits and dust-of our old account login information. It is May 4th, World Password Day, and here at Hive Mind, we celebrate the occasion by reminding ourselves about the importance of secure passwords.

Watch this video by our online security expert, Goce Arsovski, to find out more:

Here are the main take-aways from the video:

  1. 1. Never re-use passwords

  2. Make sure you are not using only one password for all your logins, even if that password seems super-strong and uncrackable!

  1. 2. Avoid storing your password in easily accessible locations

  2. Be careful where your passwords are stored (both physically, but also digitally).

3. Think passphrase, not password

Think: “cats-and-dogs-and-1-RAT-in-a-b0g” instead of: “myCat1#!_<3”

  1. 4. Consider using password managers & authentication apps

  2. Password managers keep all your account login information within; all you need to remember is one, super-hard master password to access the password manager!

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About the Author

Goce Arsovski (North Macedonia) is a cybersecurity consultant, author and Master Trainer. Focused on social engineering prevention & mitigation, Goce applies his subject-matter expertise in guiding organizations and high-risk individuals in establishing and maintaining a more secure digital presence.

Goce is passionate about open data, transparency, and demystification & democratization of learning.