Planning your upcoming summer vacation? Pack your sunscreen & flip-flops, but don’t forget to secure your home before you leave for the beach!

Watch this video to find out more:

1. Never announce your plans ahead of time

Avoid sharing too much (if any!) details about your trip, especially on social media. Avoid mentioned things like:

  • departure time,

  • duration of your trip, or

  • posting selfies with your plane ticket in-hand, while you’re boarding.

2. Turn off your home internet

  • Make sure you disable your home networks while you’re away. The easiest way is to simply disconnect the power supply to your router and/or modem.

  • If you still need internet access at home, for example, for your smart devices, consider connecting them with cables and disabling your Wi-Fi.

3. Smart home = safe home?

Look for “away” more or “vacation” mode if you own smart devices – and set it up beforehand. Playing music and switching the lights on and off while your away can deter criminals from entering your home! If you do not own any smart devices (which usually require an active internet connection to function) – feel free to disconnect the power to your Wi-Fi. Who’s going to use it anyway?

4. Minimize your online activity

Limit your online activity (especially on social media) while you’re away. Carefully choose your audience to whom you share your gorgeous sunset photos to.

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Goce Arsovski (North Macedonia) is a cybersecurity consultant, author and Master Trainer. Focused on social engineering prevention & mitigation, Goce applies his subject-matter expertise in guiding organizations and high-risk individuals in establishing and maintaining a more secure digital presence.

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