"Young people don't go to polls to vote, young people don't care". And still, while we only focus on our bubbles, around us appear various political opinions, created from social media platforms or from friends, opinions which become visible when the elections come and we are - every time - surprised.

The Challenge

Starting from the idea that we tend to get stuck in our own bubbles, we wanted to create a series in which we look into other people's ideas, learn how young people form their political opinions, where they form them, how we can find ways to understand them. Every process of understanding starts with listening. So we propose to everyone to listen to the other.


In a functional society, being civically active is extremely important. And to become engaged, we need critical thinking and curiosity of learning more and always keeping our biases in check. We want to help create informed citizens, who know how to stay connected to the reality around them but at the same time to be aware of the others and their opinions and try to understand the process through which they are created.

The Formula

The Others is referring to people from outside our bubble, those who are outside our walls. The accent is put on "them", in order to underline that they are also important and that we have to leave our comfort zone and listen to other ideas, instead of judging them from afar.

Starting from today, for 8 episodes we will take trip around various political opinions of young people. All the interviews were made by students and the host of the show is Florin Râsteiu. The Others is a project by Forum Apulum, made with the support of Hive Mind.