Where did we head this year?

We were hosting the event in Warsaw, Poland, on November 7-9th, 2023.

Who joined us at MEGAPHONE 2023?

Similarly to previous years, we’ve invited groups and organizations working in the field of countering disinformation, women’s rights, LGBT+ rights, watchdogs, human rights, supporting migrants and refugees, as well as journalists (each year participants come from about 25 countries). Number of participants was limited because our main goal was for everyone to have a high-quality, participatory and interactive experience.

What was the theme this year?

In light of the 1.5 years of the full-scale war in Ukraine, this event stood as a platform to join forces and learn from each other's experiences in overcoming the most pressing challenges.

This year, we focused on three interrelated areas with an overarching theme of Resilience+:

  • Countering disinformation: Learn how to identify and counter disinformation from experts and frontline responders, and build trust and credibility.

  • Building communities of practice: Share knowledge and expertise, collaborate on projects, and create a sense of belonging with other activists and CSOs.

  • Effective communication: Develop the skills you need to communicate your message effectively, build positive narratives, and inspire action.

What was the buzzword this year?

We didn't have one. We were just determined to go Beyond Buzzwords: Igniting Change.

Want to see how it went down?

▶️ Watch the MEGAPHONE 2023 wrapped video on our YouTube channel: