Spring is here and it's high time to share the effects of months of work done by our partners from across Central and Eastern Europe. At Hive Mind we believe that these creative and passionate individuals and organizations, committed to democracy, gender equality, human rights, and freedom of expression deserve to be put in the spotlight. The infodemic of disinformation multiplied by the ongoing health crises worldwide is real. It requires us to rethink community-level actions. Our resilience can be strengthened, and our new narratives can be achieved by re-engaging with a new, positive force on the grassroots level.

Let's face it, tackling the issues like countering disinformation, increasing digital safety and security, creating positive narratives, as well as improving media literacy online might seem like a Sisyphean task. That's why we've got some great examples and a set of concrete actions, ready to help and inspire you.

Watch this space for real stories with a glimmer of hope, coming to you thanks to trainings and other initiatives supported by TechSoup Europe and other members of our Community of Practice. Stay tuned for exciting content showcasing the local actions, but most of all, introducing the real people behind them. They have a story to tell and we would like you to hear it.

Say hello to our Local Heroes...