You probably heard of the "Polish Women's Strike", right?

This grassroots movement has shaken Polish political and social scene, and inspired a wave of huge protests in 2020/2021, sending shockwaves all across the globe. "Strajk Kobiet" is advocating for fundamental, reproductive rights, and gender equality.

Thanks to generous support of TechSoup Europe, an online workshop on digital safety and security was organized, with participation of 35 people (mostly women) coming from different Polish towns and cities. The main results of the training was to raise awareness about joint responsibility for the safety of individuals in their wider group. The participants have become more aware of the necessity of taking care of the digital safety and security, especially during protests and events. One tangible result of the initiative is a brochure: “Protect yourself and your loved ones” printed out in 2500 copies, and distributed to people participating in the protests in different cities in the Silesia region (southern Poland) - Bytom, Rybnik, Katowice, Dąbrowa Górnicza. The leaflet is also available online to be downloaded by the Strike groups.

Keep up the good work, Strajk Kobiet!