This Local Action plan titled "Online hra Zachraňte prázdniny" (Online game "Save the Holidays), implemented by the Czech NGO -FakeScape, focused on conducting a series of interactive workshops aimed at students of secondary schools. Thy were designed to make media education lessons more attractive and accessible to the students.

One of the milestones within the project was to release a "Save the Holidays" escape game, adapted to the online environment with an educational aim. The game focused on the issues like disinformation, hoaxes, text and image manipulation, information verification and critical text reading. Thanks to the playful form and involvement of all students in the game, these workshops are also attractive for schools such as vocational schools, where regular lectures often do not meet with great success.

Overall, “Save the Holidays” passes on knowledge about how to effectively verify information even in distance learning. Through videos, audio recordings and the Slido web application. The game is a playful workshop with escape-game elements, through which secondary and upper secondary school pupils and the general public can develop their media literacy skills.

Fakescape, you rock!