This project implemented by, with generous support of TechSoup Europe, aimed to create worksheets for the development of critical thinking among 9 to 12 year old students.

These worksheets were also published on the project's website, which led to exceeding the initial expectations and aims of the project. They were planned as interactive, full of diverse questions, in order to find out not only the respondents' broad understanding of the issues, but also their attitudes towards them. These worksheets are automatically evaluated after completion and the immediate feedback is given to the respondent with the opportunity to correct any errors. The worksheets can also be used as part of distance learning.

As soon as the teacher registers on the website of the project and creates a virtual classroom, also by adding children from their actual class, tracking online and seeing how the children solve the worksheets, becomes possible. Feedback and discussion are encouraged.

Prior to the implementation of worksheets, parents' and teachers' needs were further surveyed regarding the thematic focus and specific problems in this area. After the publication, worksheets were even subject to revision and improvement, based on the insights of the youngsters and their parents.

Check out the Local Action's website if you're interested in finding out more: