Anna and "Klara" are great at talking about complex security topics in an easy-to-digest, friendly and open manner.

In this episode they start their conversation from what the biggest threat of the Internet is and what to do when you find yourself being hacked.

What is the relation between threats and trust when it comes to being online?

Why a human being is the weakest link and what it actually means?

Let’s consider: can just one person ruin all we did for our NGO security and privacy?

How should we use the social media and how to do e it in a secure way?

Enjoy listening for your better protection and cyber risk management:


Anna Chęć is a Polish educator and a local activist. For the past 20 years, she has been working with multiple NGOs, currently leading the 'World in Our Hands' foundation. Anna’s main activities focus on the initiation and coordination of local actions for change and social good, as well as non-formal education.

"Klara" is also Polish; she splits her time between being a security researcher and a hacktivist, currently working as a software security engineer for a financial institution. Klara deals with security both on the offensive and defensive side, and has gained strong knowledge in the field of privacy and Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) during her years of work in the hackerspace movement. She is a co-host of the local Crypto Party events, a bottom-up, global initiative aimed at introducing newcomers to the basics of safety and privacy online.

Background illustration: Photo by Bits and Splits from Adobe Stock / Adobe Stock license