We also seek to create a community in which organizations, experts, and academics can show their knowledge and tools, both on the Hive Mind platform, as well as in virtual and in-person events that we develop. With these events, we seek that more organizations and members of civil society get involved and can implement their projects with a healthy digital presence. This is based on the thematic pillars of:

  • Countering disinformation

  • Positive narratives

  • Online campaigns

  • Digital security

  • Media literacy

    The MAKAIA Team working directly on the Hive Mind platform

In the NEW Partners Spotlight video, we delve into the numerous community events and processes we developed in 2023 within the Digital Activism Program. In this video, we are presenting the details of the training, meet-ups, and workshops, the statistics of the Hive Mind platform, and the countries we managed to impact through our activity.

⏯️ Take a look at the video below and see for yourself what an amazing job we've done!