Anna and "Klara" have the magic ability to talk about some pretty complicated digital safety & security topics in an easy-to-digest manner.

This time they would like you to ask yourself the following set of questions:

How careful are you about protecting your phone and your data?

Have you ever considered what might happen when your smartphone gets lost?

What’s the “permission manager” function?

How aware of your privacy are you when it comes to using different mobile applications? How to use them safely?

Are some communicators safer than others?

So, how did you do? ;-)

These are just a few questions that Anna and Klara will try to answer in this episode.

Enjoy and tune in for more!


Anna Chęć is a TechSoup Europe trainer from Poland, an educator and a local activist. For the last 20 years, she has been working with multiple NGOs, and currently leads the World in Our Hands' foundation. The main areas of her activity focus on the initiation and coordination of local actions for change, as well as, broadly speaking, non-formal education.

"Klara" deals with security both on the offensive and defensive side, and has gained knowledge in the field of privacy and Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) during her years of work in the hackerspace movement. She is a co-host of the local Crypto Party events, a bottom-up, global initiative aimed at introducing newcomers to the basics of safety and privacy online.

Background Illustration: Photo by Tero Vesalainen from Shutterstock / Shutterstock license