Here’s what makes TechSoup Brasil unique:

  1. 1. Exclusive for Nonprofits: Our mission is to make a difference in communities and the world by supporting nonprofits. We cater to a wide range of entities, including churches, civil society organizations, social organizations, public interest civil society organizations, associations, institutes, foundations, NGOs, and more.

  1. 2. Global Network: TechSoup Brasil collaborates with the TechSoup Global Network, headquartered in San Francisco, California. Since 1987, this network has been a beacon of excellence in providing technology solutions and resources to social and charitable organizations worldwide.

  1. 3. Partnerships with Tech Giants: We partner with technology giants such as Amazon, Microsoft, Adobe, Norton, and more. These companies share our commitment to promoting proper technology usage within social organizations, contributing to the development of Brazil’s nonprofit sector.

Enriching Hive Mind Community with Knowledge 

Hive Mind is an online learning hub for a global digital activism community, including activists, trainers, and civil society organizations. The platform offers self-paced courses, training, tools, blogs, and other helpful resources, all free of charge. The topics range from countering disinformation, cyber security, personal and organizational resilience, and building positive narratives, to media literacy, online campaigning, or open data. 

TechSoup Brasil has taken up the challenge to promote and develop the Hive Mind Community among the Brazilian Portuguese-speaking audiences under the Best Practices in Exporting Expertise to Counter Disinformation (BPEE) project, funded by the U.S. Department of State.

The BPEE project is part of TechSoup Global Network's Digital Activism Program, which since 2018 has been providing knowledge, tools, technology, grants, and networking opportunities to Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) worldwide, including those in Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America, South Africa, and West Africa. 

By taking free self-paced courses and participating in online events, members of the Hive Mind Community can learn and exchange best practices e.g. on how to identify online disinformation campaigns and oppose biased propaganda. Doing so empowers them to combat these narratives by creating positive and accurate content. The Hive Mind Community fosters collaboration and equips activists with the tools needed to promote truth and counter disinformation.

TechSoup Brasil will regularly share insightful blog articles on topics relevant to digital activism, countering disinformation, development of technology, and creating positive social impact. These articles will empower users with practical insights and strategies. We’ll showcase real-world success stories through case studies. TechSoup Brasil is also committed to fostering a vibrant community. We’ll host online events, including webinars, workshops, and discussions, to engage users and facilitate learning. 

Together, TechSoup Brasil and Hive Mind Community aim to create a dynamic platform where knowledge flows freely, empowering activists to make a lasting impact! 

⏯️ Watch the video recorded by TechSoup Brasil team members, Vitor Matheus and Nath Novais, to celebrate our joining the Hive Mind Community!