This Local Action Plan supported by TechSoup Europe is a real trailblazer in the Baltics region. Historically, Russian-speaking children in Estonia have had no access to quality materials on media and information literacy in the Russian language. The team led by Dimitri Teperik from NGO Youth Academy of Ida-Viru created a children’s story book that presents narrative in a content-tailored book the story emphasizes various techniques in information literacy for children.

Between January and March 2021, supported by the generous funding of 5000 USD, the team has engaged Russian-speaking children in Estonia by producing, and disseminating children’s colouring book in Russian on media and information literacy. In essence, the main narrative of the content-tailored book addressed the importance of trust among friends. It emphasized various techniques in information literacy for children by adopting the material in an attractive and comprehensible manner.

Inside the book, you will find several archetypes of good behaviour patterns (cooperation, help, trust), as well as embedding the general need for critical thinking in uncertain situations into the story. The selection of main heroes and their dialogues support the main idea of highlighting the importance of information literacy. The project was conducted in the following phases: development of main narrative, work on quality story writing, production of coloring vignettes and illustrative pictures, printing and distribution.

Lastly, the exhibition showcasing the story was up in Tartu, Estonia's second largest city for 3 months this spring, and has been visited by 1500 - 2700 people a day.

Let the power of storytelling be with you, Dimitri!

Here you can find the whole book!