This trailblazing initiative was coordinated by Evhenia Moisei from the local organization "AO Cuget", and implemented thanks to Techsoup Europe's support. Between February and March 2021, 156 dads from the districts of Fălești, Calaraș and Orhei took part in a series of trainings and online courses, being encouraged to take a more active part in raising and educating children, promoting real sense of pride that lies in raising your kid, as well as focusing on learning new skills through activities focusing on promoting positive narratives.

Overall, 20 success stories of fathers' involvement in raising and educating children were transformed into concrete statements, using either positive narratives-promoting videos, written stories, pictures, and even printing a dedicated calendar defying gender stereotypes and misconceptions about modern parenting. As a result, active and engaged involvement of dads in raising and educating children was promoted all over social media and the local press in Moldova.

Moreover, an online course was published online, and has reached at least 100 male parents from Falesti, Calarasi and Orhei, with a main goal of encouraging them to more actively participate in raising and educating their kids.

In addition, 20 fathers agreed to participate in the positive narratives building, by providing videos and photos, filming and other publicity purposes which can be seen on the projects Facebook page. We really loved the video they made, with highlights of the project and showing quality time with their kids.

You're simply the best dads in the world, and our true Local Heroes!