This is the third video in a series of three, produced for us by one of our Serbian Media Literacy Experts and Master Trainers, a charismatic Hive Mind Community Content Creator, Dajana Marković.

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Meet the fact-checkers!

Fact-checkers, or people whose job it is to verify facts in the media we digest, are not our enemies. In the next tree minutes of our instructional video, we are going to explain to you in simple terms why their mission is so important.

Check out the video below and shake hands with fact-checkers:

Serbian video description:
Fekt čekeri, iliti ljudi čiji je posao da proveravaju istinitost činjenica, nisu naši neprijatelji. U novih 3 minuta govorimo o tome koliko je važna njihova misija.

About the author

Dajana Marković is an experienced journalist from Serbia, with a demonstrated history of working in the media production industry. She is a Media and Communication Professional with a degree from University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Philosophy, Media Studies.


Do you want to play a game and for a moment feel like a real fact-checker yourself? Check out this great online game available both in English and in Polish and devised by the first Polish fact-checking organisation, Demagog Association: Fakes? No, thanks!

The idea behind it is quite similar to the Informable app (, but instead of developing a set of skills, it is focused on illustrating the concept of “fake news” and increasing our awareness of the issue.

Learning Resources

If you want to dive deeper into the subject of fact-checking, information verification and forms of disinformation, register to our free, online course on "Countering Disinformation":

Background illustration: Compilation of the author's private photo and the frame from the movie: 'Spotlight' (2015)