The Conference Format

We would very much like to gather everyone offline and exchange views not only during discussions, but over a cup of coffee. However, the COVID-19 pandemic still does not give us a chance to get together onsite.

Therefore, the event will take place in a hybrid format in English and Ukrainian – participants and some speakers will join online, and the rest of the presenters will speak from the studio in Kyiv.

The Theme

The key theme of the PDF UA this year will be elections. The goal is to bring central government authorities, civil society activists, and independent experts from around the world together to discuss the future of elections and the role technology can play in it in terms of e-voting and the impact of cybersecurity threats to the electoral process.

The Details

In particular, let's immerse ourselves into the psychology of elections and analyze why we vote one way or another and what is behind our decisions. We will dream about the electoral technologies of the future: what will be the voting in the nearest and the distant future. We will look for recipes for how to maintain objectivity in the electoral process in the "Digital Age", resist electoral disinformation and at the same time develop space for a free public debate. We will discuss the issues of monitoring of the electoral process: how the public control organizations adapt their observation methodologies in times of digital transformation and what changes are necessary in the electoral legislation.


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See you all there!