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Global Voices is an international, multilingual community of writers, translators and human rights activists. Together, it leverages the power of the Internet to tell stories that build understanding across borders. How is this done? Report: Its multilingual newsroom team reports on people whose voices and experiences rarely appear in mainstream media. Translate: Its Lingua volunteers make stories available in dozens of languages to ensure that language is not a barrier to understanding. Defend: The Advox team advocates for free speech online, paying special attention to legal, technical and physical threats to people using the Internet to speak out in the public interest. Empower: Rising Voices provides training and mentorship to local underrepresented communities who want to tell their own stories using participatory media tools.
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Through the publication of Vistinomer.mk (www.vistinomer.mk), the "Metamorphosis" Foundation has made available to the public another tool for increasing the accountability and responsibility of political parties towards the citizens. Truenomer.mk, through a team of experts from relevant fields, analyses the promises made by political entities and presents them in an easy-to-read, aggregated form, together with systematic statistical data. Each identified promise is graded according to the degree of fulfilment: fulfilled, partially fulfilled or unfulfilled. Promises that are illogical or expressed in a way that makes verifying impossible are marked as inconsistent.


Understanding and Countering Disinformation in Electoral Contexts: Advice for Voters and NGOs

For the better part of the last decade, we, as citizens of the modern setting, living our lives in a world where the Internet is part of our everyday existence, are aware of disinformation. Call it fake news, propaganda, misinformation, the umbrella of disinformation covers the many aspects of this topic. A rose by any other name: name it as you wish, it’s still the same thing.

Laura Burtan | 8 min read | Apr 29, 2024

Audio Deepfakes and AI-Tricks Threaten Elections Around the World

Nowadays, almost anybody can create audio or video recordings of celebrities or regular people acting and talking in ways they never would have by using simple, widely accessible artificial intelligence software. The rights of the persons whose voices and images are being appropriated will need to be more seriously protected. Big tech-companies have teamed up in a historic attempt to stop the misuse application of AI in the upcoming elections throughout the world.

Dren Gerguri | 4 min read | Mar 28, 2024

Unmasking disinformation in electoral campaigns - case studies from Poland and Slovakia

As the dust settles from the political storms related to elections that swept Poland and Slovakia in the fall of 2023, we dissect the disinformation tactics that played a crucial role in shaping the election outcomes. From attacking opponents with hoaxes to adopting anti-Ukrainian narratives, and even incorporating artificial intelligence to spread fabricated content, the playbook of political deception is evolving. What can we learn from that example?

Magdalena Wilczyńska | 13 min read | Nov 29, 2023

Local Elections in Moldova: New Poll, Old Narratives

In both rounds of the local elections in the Republic of Moldova, held in November 2023, the pro-Kremlin media used disinformation as a political tool. Old narratives, used in previous election campaigns, were recirculated, but also combined with pro-Kremlin narratives about the war in Ukraine, unachievable election promises and even using hate speech to denigrate the opponents.

Lilia Cravcenco-Zaharia | 7 min read | Nov 22, 2023

"Defending Democracy: How to Spot and Protect Elections from Disinformation" - a Resiliency Kit Webinar

As much of the world moves online, hostile state and non-state adversaries are increasingly targeting elections to undermine public trust in democratic processes in target societies. Elections represent part of the command-and-control system of the state’s decision-making, and foreign adversaries try to meddle in election processes to stimulate political changes and decision-making.

Hive Mind | 2 min read | Sep 22, 2023

Decoding Disinformation: Navigating Civil Society Challenges in CEE - Disinformation and Civil Society Regional Mapping Reports

Within the Digital Activism Program conducted by TechSoup and its partners in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) since 2018, a pivotal activity focusing on supporting Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in being more resilient to disinformation has been underway. We believe at TechSoup that to bring about change, we must first diagnose the needs of the organizations we support and analyze the current socio-political situation in the countries where we operate. This belief is central to shaping the foundation for all future project activities.

Hive Mind | 2 min read | Sep 15, 2023

How to succeed e-voting implementation in Africa?

From our second series, it is undoubtedly clear that there is still a lot more to be done for e-voting to effectively function and become a reality in Africa.

Cedric Christian NGNAOUSSI ELONGUE | 2 min read | Aug 22, 2022

What conditions must be satisfied to make e-voting a reality in Africa?

With the various types of internet voting in mind, what conditions must be in place for any of the types of internet voting to function effectively and efficiently in Africa? Financial, political, legal, social, technical and logistical, security, privacy, transparency, and trust are the eight needed ingredients to make e-voting a reality in Africa. Let’s delve more into these in the subsequent paragraphs.

Cedric Christian NGNAOUSSI ELONGUE | 5 min read | Aug 22, 2022

Can e-voting be made a reality in Africa?

What is the current situation in Africa and what forms of e-voting systems are available?

Cedric Christian NGNAOUSSI ELONGUE | 4 min read | Aug 22, 2022

Post-truth: lies that appear to be true

The term has taken the academic discussion of philosophers, journalists political scientists but is far from an intellectual discussion. It is present in our daily life and on our social networks.

MAKAIA | 6 min read | Jul 31, 2022



This year PDF UA will be held on March 3-4 in Kyiv in a hybrid form.

The “Future of the Elections” is the main topic this year.

TechSoup Europe joins OPORA, TransparenCEE Network and OSCE ODIHR for the fifth time and brings "tech4good", transparency, and open data topics to the Ukrainian debate about democracy and the role of civil society.

Tytarenko Yaroslava | 2 min read | Jan 28, 2022