A look at Digital Disinformation

We live in the age of information and technology, where technological tools contribute to expanding the flow of information and our skills and abilities to interact with the media, social networks and technology, influence on how we relate with our environment; what we share, see, hear and how we can take advantage of or suffer the consequences of the different risks that exist in the digital world.

In this one-hour space, our guest Andrés Sáenz Peñas- Executive Director of CIVIX Colombia, through some practical exercises, shared with us his vision about digital disinformation and the critical view that we must develop to face the information that circulates in the social networks and in different media.

Hive Mind Launch

Additionally, in this space we had the opportunity to present and discuss Hive Mind, an alternative to strengthen the work that social organizations develop in this area, a platform that allows us to connect with knowledge thanks to free online courses and pedagogical material on topics such as media literacy, digital resilience, digital security and disinformation. In addition, it allows us to connect and learn about the experience of organizations in our region, which day after day carry out actions to close the gap in media literacy issues, which face disinformation campaigns, false information that circulates in our environment or provide us with tools for the protection of our rights and our safety online.

For this reason, this was a space to invite participants to interact with the platform, to access the different virtual, free and self-paced courses. Hive Mind's online courses aim to improve critical thinking skills, deepen your understanding of the mechanisms behind disinformation, show you how to take control of your online exposure, but also suggest ways to use technology to create a positive change and mobilize followers for your cause. The courses have been designed by experts and are personalized courses on relevant topics and placed in a meaningful and important context; from making sense of online news, to how to protect your own or your organization's digital security and privacy.