In December, representatives of NGOs and informal groups will have the opportunity to participate in workshops that will allow them to use the media more consciously in their daily work. The training, conducted by Krzysztof Leończuk (OWOP Białystok), is a practical response to contemporary challenges accompanying the use of the Internet.

During a few short online trainings, participants will learn what media competence is, learn how to consciously use information, explore the subject of misinformation (e.g. "fake news", information/filtering bubbles, cognitive errors), thanks to which they will become more responsible producers and consumers of media.

The workshops are addressed in particular to representatives of local NGOs, community clubs and informal groups in and around Suwałki. As part of the training, participants will be able to develop their own ideas for activities aimed at developing media competence, and authors of the best projects will have a chance to receive small financial support for their implementation.

Krzysztof Leończuk, who will conduct the workshops, is a certified trainer of the NGO Coach Association STOP, as well as an animator, advisor, project coordinator and expert at the NGO Support Center in Białystok. For 2 years he has been cooperating with TechSoup Europe in the field of media projects.

The workshops will be held online (through the Webex Training platform). The program includes 4 training sessions on Tuesdays: December 1st, December 8th, December 15th and December 22nd between 5:00 pm and 6:30 pm, consultations with the trainer between sessions and individual work of the participants.

Persons interested in participating in the workshop "Online media education. Where is the truth and where is the falsehood?" we invite you to fill in the application form available at: by Friday, November 13th, 2020 at 16:00.

Filling in the form takes about 20 minutes. The training will be conducted in Polish, but a part of the form should be completed in English. Maximum number of participants: 15 people.

In case of questions or ambiguities, please contact Katarzyna Błasińska, Training Team Assistant (TechSoup Europe), e-mail:

The training is initiated by TechSoup Europe and organized in cooperation with the NGO Support Center in Bialystok.

Background illustration: Photo by Shyntartanya from Shutterstock / Shutterstock license