Media Literacy



Social engineering explained – psychology vs digital world

Manipulation, coercion, and preying on emotions – all have been a part of human existence probably since the very beginning. Naturally, some people are doing it better than others, and those at the other side of the equation, tend to fall victim to such schemes, and are left faced with the consequences of their often unassuming nature.

Kasia Piotrowska | 15 min read | Apr 9, 2021

There should be a Media Literacy Test that is as widespread and universally accepted as taking a driving test

Media literacy continues to be one of the most debatable topics in our world today. Some big changes in the circulation of information in recent years, paired with the continuous impact of the media on our everyday lives, especially the new media, make the treatment of media literacy a necessity even for the most developed societies.

Dren Gerguri | 15 min read | Apr 2, 2021

Media Literacy Training - IREX's Learn To Discern Achieving Positive Results In Jordan, Serbia and Georgia

Learn to Discern (L2D) builds critical thinking and healthy habits for engaging with information, online and offline.

Mark Semoil | 15 min read | Mar 24, 2021