You consume information every day. From your friends, your Facebook and Twitter feed, your favorite YouTube show, and news outlets. However, how do you know that it’s true and accurate? Being media literate means having the ability to recognize and avoid manipulations.

Media Literacy is a set of skills that empowers citizens to access, understand, evaluate, use and create, as well as share information and multimedia content in all formats, using various tools, critically, ethically and effectively, for life and work today.

No one is born media literate. It is a skill that must be developed. A person with media literacy knows how to access the media, whether through cell phones, tablets or other electronic devices, using the internet, the free press and bookstores, and has the ability to critically evaluate and create content based on evidence and logic.

Media literacy is a collective battle in defense of freedom and against manipulation and the victory will come when we build a society where people take an active role in the information they consume. For this reason, if you are a person or a civil society organization interested in contributing to the strengthening and development of media literacy skills, the free online course "Think Twice: Media Literacy Online" is for you.


- Media literacy: what skills, knowledge and attitudes do you need?

- CRAP detection. How to check information?

- Biases. How do the brain and the media distort information?

- Misinformation. What types of misinformation exist? How to recognize them?

- Bots. What to be aware of on social media?

- How is propaganda constructed?

- How to recognize it?

- How misinformation and propaganda work: a real-world case


The time needed to complete the entire course is about 50-60 minutes. But as the formula of the course allows you to choose a convenient time and pace of learning, it’s up to you in how many shorter periods of time you divide the course. You can always stop it and resume later.

The course modules have been carefully prepared by our Team of experts and trainers. We hope that they will enable you, like our learners, to shift your mindset and gain a more holistic Digital Media Literacy skill set needed to build an “online resilient” self.

Strengthen your abilities to access and understand information in digital media, the free and self-paced online course "Think twice: media literacy" is now available.