We invite you to three online events devoted to disinformation activities against NGOs, their leaders and leaders, and the topics they deal with. During each of them, based on the experience from Poland and abroad, we will look at the most common narratives built around NGOs, selected disinformation techniques to shape the negative image of these organizations and possible strategies to deal with it. Together we will analyze real cases and look for optimal solutions to real problems of organizations participating in the events.

Webinar "Organizations and Disinformation"

2 December, 18-19.30

We invite to the webinars not only the NGOs themselves as potential victims of disinformation but also all those interested in the problem of disinformation directed against NGOs - journalists, politicians, media recipients. In a short and accessible form, we will show who, why and how distorts the image of NGOs in the media.

Applications to: November 27th by 15:00.

Link to webinar subscriptions: bit.ly/organizacjadezinformacja_webinar

Two series of online workshops "Organizations and disinformation:

Series 1 online meeting dates: 7, 14, 21 and 28 December 2020, 18-19.30 pm

Series 2 online meeting dates: 4, 11, 18 and 25 January 2021, 18-19.30 pm

We invite only non-governmental organizations, especially those particularly vulnerable to disinformation activities, to trainings conducted in small groups (up to 20 people). Each training will be a cycle of four weekly workshops, during which we will discuss in more detail and based on the specificity and needs of a given group, discuss the problem of disinformation directed at NGOs, analyze the vulnerability of the organizations participating in the training, identify their weaknesses and consider how to protect themselves against disinformation activities directed at them. In between sessions participants will be able to benefit from additional individual support of the trainer.

  • Applications - December 2020:

We accept applications to: 30 November until 15:00.

Link to the registration for the first series of workshops: bit.ly/organization-deficiency

  • Applications - January 2021:

We accept applications to: December 28th to 15:00.

Link to registration for the second series of workshops: https://bit.ly/organizacjadezinformacja2

The webinar and training will be conducted by Katarzyna Sadło, trainer and consultant with many years of experience in working with NGOs, in cooperation with TechSoup Europe Foundation training in counteracting disinformation. She was a long-time president of the Civil Society Development Foundation, currently she is a member of the board of the Henryk Wujec Civic Fund for Poland. She experienced the problem of disinformation against non-governmental organizations on her own, when the organization she led became an object of interest for public television as part of her negative campaign against selected non-governmental organizations. Apart from her involvement in NGOs Katarzyna Sadło is also an active commentator of public life in social media, author of one of the first Polish political blogs and a columnist of "Plus Minus". - a weekend supplement to Rzeczpospolita.

The training is organized by the TechSoup Europe Foundation in cooperation with the Projection Room.

In case of questions or ambiguities, we encourage you to contact Dominika Uzar, Training Coordinator (TechSoup Europe Foundation), e-mail: duzar@techsoupeurope.org or Katarzyna Błasińska, Training Team Assistant (TechSoup Europe Foundation), e-mail: kblasinska@techsoupeurope.org.

The projection room provides comprehensive training and advisory support to non-organization based on many years of experience working in, with and for organizations. It trains, advises and provides assistance in dealing with legal aspects of an organization's functioning, fundraising, personal data protection and more.

Background illustration: Photo by EtiAmmos from Adobe Stock / Adobe Stock license