Gender disinformation is the spreading false information about gender identity, sex orientation and gender roles, this type of actions can lead to gender discrimination, spreading hurtful biases and stereotypes.

In the light of the International Women’s Day, we're organizing a webinar with the intent to educate social organizations and digital activists about gender disinformation in social media, how to identify the messages about stereotypes, biases and hateful comments, and how to fight against them. Besides, with the guest speakers, we will explore their conclusions and experiences gained through their investigations and learn about the good practices that all of us can implement when surfing the web.

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Language of the session: Spanish.

Guest speakers:

  • Beatriz Vallejo Reyes, Behavioral scientist and economist - MSc Behavior Change (UCL,
    England), MA in Economy – (Andes University). Executive Director and co-founder of Ethos
    BT. Co-founder and executive leader of the Detox Information Project (DIP).

  • Lina María Mejía Correa: Vamos Mujer Director. Anthropologist and Magister candidate in
    Education and Human Rights.

Date and time: Friday, March 17, 2023 🕙 10:00 a.m. Colombia, Peru, Panama /9:00 a.m.
Costa Rica / 12:00 p.m. Argentina

Organizer: MAKAIA | Partner: The Atlantic Council's Digital Forensic Research Lab.