MAKAIA, trough the Digital Activism project and the virtual learning platform HIVE MIND launch for second time the open call for a grant for civil society organizations, independent media and journalist and digital activist in Latinoamerica to participate for a grant of USD 1,000 to support them in the development of their social impact projects. This time we will have two winners, and each will receive the grant of USD 1,000.

The projects or actions can have different formats:

✅ Virtual entertainment

✅ Video or podcast production

✅ Events

✅ Workshops

✅ Develop an online or offline course

✅ Investigations or related education materials

With the Digital Activism project, we want to empower, to improve critical thinking abilities, to deepen the understanding of the mechanisms behind misinformation, the strategies to create a positive change using technology and mobilize communities, this is why we create initiatives that make visible the civil society’s voice, acknowledging their capacities as social transformation agent's through good practices and management of the digital tools.

When does it start?

This open call starts Monday June 5, and it ends Monday June 26 of 2023. The social organizations that wish to participate must fill out the inscription form and the budget form detailing their economic needs and the entire budget for the project and meet the requirements. Click here to participate.


  • Terms and conditions (We will only give one grant of USD $1,000 to each winner)

  • In this open call we will give 2 grants of USD $1,000 each.

  • The winners will be announced on MAKAIA’s website and social media on July 4 of 2023.

Know the requirements here:

  • The social organizations that wish to participate must be legally constituted as non-profit organizations in Latinoamerica.

  • The organizations must be registered on the platform, HIVE MIND and they must complete one of the courses available.

  • The project that you wish to submit must be about one or more of the following topics: digital security, countering disinformation, media literacy, positive narratives and/or online campaign for positive social change.

  • The organizations must fill out the inscription and budget forms. Inside the inscription form must be the attached documents.

  • The organizations must share an article that fits into the Hive Mind main topics (countering disinformation, positive narratives, media literacy, digital safety and security, online campaigning) and presents some locally relevant best practices or cases and that can be share on Hive Mind blog. .

  • The project should be implemented within 6 months from the date of receipt of information on receipt of the grant.