Today we tackle some common myths and misconceptions about secure messaging apps. For many, using encryption on a day-to-day basis seems like overkill - for more tips how to use it wisely, watch our video, where our Digital Security Expert, Goce Arsovski, is debunking most popular myths around communication.

MYTH #1: "Only certain types of information require encryption"

  • Using unencrypted chat apps, even when not discussing sensitive topics, can still be misused my malicious actors.

MYTH #2: "Encrypted messages cannot be hacked"

  • There can never be such a thing as a 100% safe communication. Still, some encryption methods are really strong, and have stood the test of time. Research your most used chat app, and think about whether it’s time to make the switch to a safer one.

  • Not all chat apps use the same encryptions method

  • Encryption proves useless if the device itself is compromised, and

  • Even the strongest encryption can be hacked or circumvented

MYTH #3: All encrypted messaging apps are safe

  • Not all apps are built the same. Some offer encryption features, but do not enable them by default – the users have to do it themselves. Others collect and store metadata.

  • Metadata is high-level information about the chat (not the chat content itself). For example, what time did the chat took place, and between who.

MYTH #4: Today’s most secure messaging apps will always be the most secure messaging apps

  • Messaging apps can change over time – removing or adding features, even changing their encryption protocols. Also, the company behind the app can even change owners – and this often affects their privacy policy and the way they handle user data.

  • Keeping up-to-date on your cybersecurity news and practicing strong cyber-hygiene will greatly increase your digital resilience.

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Goce Arsovski (North Macedonia) is a cybersecurity consultant, author and Master Trainer. Focused on social engineering prevention & mitigation, Goce applies his subject-matter expertise in guiding organizations and high-risk individuals in establishing and maintaining a more secure digital presence.

Goce is passionate about open data, transparency, and demystification & democratization of learning.