In this episode, Tomáš Kriššák, our Master Trainer and Countering Disinformation expert from Slovakia, talks about how the Project HOPE came to life and how all of us have encountered some sort of online hate speech or even trolling.

We’re all vulnerable, but only a few of us have the knowledge and skills needed to effectively deal with them.

Listen and learn more about the game itself, its impact, the journey its creators made and their struggles.

All this effort has resulted in a super interesting and innovative project, so join us and find out who – according to Tomáš – should change: the people or the technology?



Tomáš Kriššák is an expert in cognitive security and countering disinformation and a trainer having worked previously for the Open Society Foundation (OSF) Slovakia and more recently for Gerulata. He has also prepared dozens of media literacy workshops and programmes aimed at addressing the potential impact of misinformation on our society and other forms of public manipulation. More recently, he has concentrated his efforts on the issue of youth de-radicalization.