Each Learning Group will work under the guidance of an experienced trainer who will lead the process, facilitate the exchange of knowledge, experiences, and best practices among the participants, equip the participants in new insights and skills and help them introduce lessons learned in the international Learning Group into their local context.

What topics will we tackle?

We will address four topic areas:

  1. 1. building the resilience of youth

  1. 2. disinformation around migration; ✅ learn more and register here

  2. 3. gender-related disinformation

  1. 4. use of AI in education; ✅ learn more and register here

    Is Participating in a Learning Group for me?

We warmly invite you to apply if you are a resident of one of the EU states and:

  • You are a teacher or educator, you work with young people in formal or non-formal education in a community center, library, organization, or institution;

  • You are an activist, you work in a CSO and you want to learn more, deepen the knowledge you already have, introduce changes to your work culture, or set up a new initiative;

  • You are a leader in your community, you work for an institution or organization and feel you need support and new skills in tackling challenges you encounter.

  • You don’t belong to any of the groups mentioned above but you find these topics important and you want to learn in an international environment.

ℹ️ Learning Groups will provide over 100 participants from EU member states, coming from environments vulnerable to disinformation, with an opportunity to learn from one another as well as benefit from the knowledge and experience of our experts.

Working language


What format will we work in?

We will invite you to join one (or more) of four thematic Learning Groups (12-15 participants each).

Schedule & Topics

You will find the list of topics and dates in the table below. We are now recruiting for the June Sessions!

How will we work?

To find out about the structure and key elements of a Learning Group, take a look at this infographic:

Will I get a certificate?

Participants will receive certificates after completing all training elements.

What is the methodology behind the Learning Groups?

The online meetings will be a safe space to talk and exchange perspectives under the guidance of experienced trainers. You will have time to listen, reflect, and ask questions. You will be guided in taking small steps to implement little, but doable, changes. We believe little things have a great meaning. Our learning cycle will be rooted in the methodology of teaching adults, we will use Kolb’s Learning Cycle and learn throughout the process according to the Design Thinking approach, so we are ready to modify and adjust our approach if needed.

Who are our trainers?

Marta Puciłowska-Schielmann - a cultural anthropologist and certified EU interpreter and TechSoup Master Trainer; an experienced practitioner (teacher and trainer), author of materials and programs (national and international), and an expert on well-being at school for School with Class Foundation, a co-author of research and reports on wellbeing and mental health in the school environment.  

Dominika Cieślikowska - psychologist, trainer, tutor consultant specializing in cross-cultural psychology, human rights, and antidiscrimination. She cooperates with the broad scope of institutions and organizations involved in local and international initiatives promoting multiculturalism, diversity, inclusion, antidiscrimination, as well as other issues. Since 2003 conducted more than 9500 hours of tutoring/ educating. Author and co-author of more than 40 publications covering, among others, the topic of migration, hate speech, combating disinformation but also burnout prevention.

Agnieszka Bilska - an experienced teacher, an active trainer, a media literacy, and digital citizenship educator, and a human-centered design evangelist.

✅ Find out more about each topic and apply to participate in our Learning Groups here:

  • Topic One: "Are we powerless or powerful in combating migration disinformation?"

  • Topic Two: "Navigating The Truth: AI. Challenges and Solutions for Education."

  • "Building Youth Resilience: What Works, What Doesn't, and How to Make a Difference" – dates to be confirmed

  • Gender-related disinformation – dates & trainer to be confirmed

We look forward to seeing you online!

ℹ️ The Learning Groups are part of the Empowering Europeans Against Disinformation project implemented within TechSoup Network’s Digital Activism Program. Funded by the European Union. 🇪🇺