Artificial Intelligence


Technological Sophistication and the Difficulty of Detecting Deepfakes: Every Second Respondent Is Deceived by Two Deepfakes in the Experiment

Deepfakes are a form of audio-visual manipulation through artificial intelligence. Recent developments in this field have increased the curiosity to understand more about deepfakes. The literature on deepfakes has multiplied in recent years.

Dren Gerguri | 4 min read | Jul 4, 2024

Introducing DeepFakeShield: Dren Gerguri's 6-Step Model to Combat AI Manipulation

The rise of AI technology has raised significant concerns about the spread of disinformation, but also about fraud and privacy breaches. Deepfakes, which are highly realistic synthetic media messages created using artificial intelligence, have a potential to deceive and manipulate on a massive scale. These sophisticated manipulations could be done in different forms, such as video, audio, and image, and the result is often indistinguishable, making it very challenging to discern a difference between real and manipulated content.

Dren Gerguri | 4 min read | Jul 3, 2024

Learning Groups: A Deep Dive into Countering Disinformation. Closed-Group Online Training | June - October 2024 | CERV EEAD

What is the aim of the Learning Groups?

We aim to create a safe and inspiring learning space for activists, educators, and local leaders from EU member states, who are working in an environment vulnerable to disinformation.

Hive Mind | 3 min read | May 24, 2024