Hubert is an LGBT+ activist at the Love Does Not Exclude Association ( and a story designer at MoaCube, an independent game studio, both based in Warsaw, Poland. Since 2010 he has been developing nationwide social campaigns combining storytelling, strategic narratives, and data-based approach. During his work as a Master Trainer for Tech Soup Europe, Hubert has conducted several series of trainings on practical usage of the Positive Narratives method in human rights communications.

Here is a brief description of Hubert's webinar performed during "Lights, Camera, Take Action!" event:

Session Title: "From Projects and SMARTs to Personas and Storytelling"

Regardless of the type of activism you do, communication is crucial to your success. Whether it's community engagement and mobilization, or social campaigning and fundraising, being able to turn your work into a story enables more impactful interaction with any audience. During the session we'll have a quick look at the basic, but key, elements you'll need to build your own narrative.

If you missed the event and would like to watch Hubert's session, you can find the link to the recording here:

In his presentation, Hubert mentions as a case study example a Local Action that was recently carried out by the Lambda Warszawa foundation. It was a perfect example of a successfully application of the positive narrative approach in a campaign. The Local Action was the result of a training organised by TechSoup Europe and run by Hubert Sobecki. You can read more about this initiative in our Local Actions section:,bro-sis-just-be-yourself-i-got-your-back-poland

And if you are curious as to the remaining sessions delivered during the "Lights, Camera, Take Action!" conference, here is a link to a playlist from the event on TechSoup's You Tube channel: