In the rapidly changing world, online education helps adult learners set their own pace and grow professionally and personally while effectively balancing the rest of their responsibilities and commitments.

We at TechSoup stand ready to present the new tool to you – our portfolio of online self-paced courses now available on our Hive Mind platform.

As a way of celebrating the creation of these unique and practical learning resources, and introducing our Audience to their content & Hive Mind, we would also like to invite you all to a special Live Online Event:

“Build Your Media Literacy Skills with Hive Mind’s Self-paced Courses”.

We have prepared this exciting online event together with our course Localization Experts & Master Trainers, to give you a taste of what our self-paced courses are like.

Check out the details below:

WHAT? A 60-minute Live Open Public Event featuring a discussion with two of the leading international experts in the field of Media Literacy, who have worked to design our self-paced courses on Building Positive Narratives, Countering Disinformation, and Media Literacy Online.

WHEN? Wednesday, January 19th, 2022, at 5:00 PM (CET).

WHY? You will have a chance to learn about the educational resources Hive Mind offers to its international audience and experiment with the new, thought-provoking tools that are the self-paced courses. Together with our Speakers, you will explore some exciting possibilities for effective professional or civic advancement available on Hive Mind for Civil Society Practitioners globally.

WHERE? Online, on the Zoom Webinar platform; session registration link is here: REGISTRATION LINK!


Beata Zwierzyńska is an education researcher and trainer with 20+ years of experience working with/for teachers, activists, and NGOs. Beata specializes in media literacy, ICT in education, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) practices, and formative assessment. She is TechSoup Europe’s Lead Subject Matter Expert for „Countering disinformation” and „Building Positive Narratives” self-paced courses. She is committed to education for democracy and human rights as an engaged academic. She is currently engaged within the Council of Europe in advocacy for civil society/NGOs, policymaking and advocacy for quality education and research. She collaborates with the European Commission and European Council of Doctoral Candidates and Junior Researchers.

Pavel Vassiljev is a trainer in the non-formal learning field specializing in working with youth workers, educators, and young people. Pavel has more than 10 years of experience in leading educational programs and co-designing educational games in Estonia and all over Europe. Since 2019 Pavel has been involved in the projects of TechSoup first as a participant of several courses, then as a Master Trainer on the topic of building positive narratives, and finally as an expert working on appropriating media literacy course content to an online format.

Yaroslava Tytarenko, Trainers Community & Online Education Manager, TechSoup Europe, will facilitate the conversation with the featured speakers. Over the past few months she has worked closely with the team of international subject matter experts, including Beata and Pavel, to develop a portfolio of online-self paced courses for Hive Mind. She is a trainer, instructional designer, and researcher with extensive experience in civil society development.