Hive Mind Courses aim to improve your critical thinking skills, deepen your understanding of mechanisms behind disinformation, show you how to take control of your exposure online, but also suggest ways of using technology to create positive change and mobilize supporters for your cause.

You can now register for the following courses:

"Personal and Organizational Resilience" Discover the Key to Personal and Organizational Resilience with Our Tailored Self-Paced Course for Activists and Leaders. Gain the knowledge and skills to remain connected, present, and strategically navigate through crises, ensuring a lasting impact and effecting change. This comprehensive course focuses on enhancing both individual well-being and organizational strategies. By enrolling, you will gain exclusive access to modules covering such essential topics as stress management, self-care, “we-care” and well-being practices, masterful communication skills, as well as crisis response planning and tools.

“Building Positive Narratives” In this course you will learn how stories and narratives make up our world. You will learn how to counter dangerous beliefs and attitudes and understand how social media features and functionalities can be used in favor of your narratives. Through persuasion, mapping target groups, and essential storytelling elements, you will learn how to reach specific audience and build a powerful story.

“Digital Campaigning Basics” This course covers core elements of a ‘People-Powered’ campaign – a tool for mobilizing mass audiences to support activists’ causes. Based on real-life examples, you’ll learn not just the theory behind it, but also get some basic, practical tools needed to start creating your own campaigns.

"Online Campaigning - Advanced Course" This course is aimed at those of us who intend to get an in-depth knowledge of creating and running online campaigns. It will guide you, step by step, through the intricate process of designing your own “People-Powered Campaign”: a tool for mobilizing mass audiences to support activists' causes. This comprehensive course consists of 4 parts and a summative quiz, created by the renowned Greenpeace and MobLab Collective experts. Register to each of the parts below:

“Countering Disinformation” In this course you will learn how to distinguish between various types of disinformation and avoid traps, such as: echo chambers, polarization or propaganda. We will also share with you the essential knowledge and tools needed to tackle disinformation more effectively.

“Think Twice: Media Literacy Online” Thanks to this course, you will learn new skills and gain knowledge about, e.g., bot detection method, common biases that distort information, how to recognize different types of misinformation, how propaganda works and what you can do to become more digitally resilient.

“Digital Safety & Security” – The goal of the course is to cover fundamental cyber security concepts, state surveillance, cyber-crime, as well as specific ways of how to model threats using a framework developed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation - EFF.

“Open Data for Civil Society Organizations (CSOs)” – The goal of the course is to equip civil society practitioners with up-to-date knowledge and skills essential for data analysis, creating data-based, digital campaigns, or measuring the effectiveness of Internet-based interventions bringing about a positive social change.

There are also courses available in other languages:

“Countering Disinformation” - Albanian, Hungarian, Macedonian, Polish, Romanian, Russian and Spanish.

“Building Positive Narratives” - Albanian, Hungarian, Macedonian, Polish, Romanian, Russian and Spanish.

“Think Twice: Media Literacy Online” - Albanian, Hungarian, Macedonian, Polish, Romanian, Russian and Spanish.

“Digital Campaigning Basics” - Russian.

"Digital Campaigning - Advanced Course" - Spanish: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

“Digital Safety & Security” - French, Hungarian, Macedonian, Russian, Romanian, Spanish, Polish.

These modules have been painstakingly prepared by our Team of Experts and Trainers; we hope that they will enable you, as our Learners, to shift your mindset and gain a more holistic Digital Media Literacy skill set necessary to build an "online resilient" self.

Want to find out more about our courses? Watch the video recording of the Live Online Event with our Media Literacy Experts!

As a way of celebrating the creation of the Hive Mind Self-paced Courses, and introducing our audience to their content & Hive Mind itself, we have recorded a special Live Online Event: “Build Your Media Literacy Skills with Hive Mind’s Self-paced Courses”. We have prepared this exciting online event together with our course Localization Experts & Master Trainers, to give you a taste of what our self-paced courses are like and show you how to use their potential for you to grow.