As an implementing agency for innovative projects that supports changemakers in developing their capacity to maximize impact, GURT accelerates the Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine.

GURT is a leading information resource in Ukraine for civil society representatives about grant , employment and trainingopportunities. We supports entrepreneurs with grant programs and offer trainings for future entrepreneurs.

Since 2016, GURT has been implementing the Technology Assistance Program for Ukrainian Nonprofit Organizations (TechSoup Ukraine), thus creating opportunities for the modernization CSO’s.

GURT is proud to join the Hive Mind community, for which the Ukrainian language version of the platform appeared at the end of 2022. This is an excellent opportunity for Ukrainian CSO representatives, including GURT, to gain knowledge about relevant topics, such as digital security and personal and organizational resilience.

Check out this video recorded by the GURT Team to commemorate the Ukraine's Independence Day to learn more about their activity and who they are.

Hive Mind stands with Ukraine!

➡️ To learn more about GURT's current activities, please visit the GURT web portal and follow them on their social media channels:




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GURT is also the author of the Hive Mind Open Data course that will provide you with up-to-date knowledge and skills for ✔️ data analysis, ✔️ creating data-based, digital campaigns, ✔️ measuring the effectiveness of Internet-based interventions.

👉🏽 Register here, free of charge:

The course has been funded by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED).