Detox Information Project is a project that works on media literacy that uses behavioral science, communication and technology to help people and civil society organizations to detox informational environments. In their investigation and more important resources is to discover why human beings fall in disinformation.

As part of their investigation, they have created an educational series of videos that can be used as tools in classes, organizational spaces and pedagogy about the use of information. They create a journey through behavioral sciences and to learn how to encourage critical thinking and counter digital disinformation.

This series is divided in 4 chapters in a video format, the first one is “How to stop disinformation?” describes the consequences that disinformation brings, the factor that generates it and why it is fundamental when we are going to share information online.

Watch the first chapter here:

You can watch the complete series and videos in Detox Information Project website

Video 2. Reality vs Information

Video 3. What are the psychological characteristics?

Video 4. How does our brain work?

DIP is the first digital literacy tool in Colombia made from behavioral science that reduce vulnerability to believe in disinformation in more than 25% of Colombians, these results are from the first face of the analysis of the impact evaluation made by JILAE a study group of investigators from Chicago University and Universidad del Rosario.