Here's a handy, online repository of our MEGAPHONE 2021 webinars for you to stay informed and resilient. Let's get inspired again!

We know that sometimes, it just feels like the world is going to hell: but there is hope, and we need that hope to make change happen. Krizna helped us with just that with her Changing your Narrative Hope, Futures and Power webinar.

Check out the recording below and some EXTRA RESOURCES (Krizna's slides + useful reports and guides to building hope based narratives and using foresight in activist work):

Social media isn’t all about letting people know what you had for breakfast or how many times a day you have exercised. Check out the recording of the webinar led by Val Voshchevska about Changing Narrative Using Social Media and Digital Channels and check out some EXTRAS (including Val's slides):

With platforms like Instagram and TikTok relying heavily on video, creating interesting and shareable content to reach younger and more diverse audiences has become more important than ever.

The webinar + EXTRA RESOURCES (with slides as well as links to useful programs) from Kassy Cho will provide you with practical tips on how to film original footage for your news videos/stories, and produce social-media-friendly video content by using your phone:

Have you had enough of yet another confused and ineffective online meeting? Now is the time to change that!

Watch the recording of the "Facilitation During Online Meetings" webinar by Raphaëlle Ayach and check out her PRESENTATION (with links to useful tools):

As well as being Homo Sapiens, we are also Homo Narrans! We tell stories, we live in stories, we use stories to describe our individual and collective identities, and stories are fundamental to the way we give meaning to our world.

Watch the recording of Bhavesh Patel's webinar and LEARN (slides and reading materials) some new ways of creating and using stories: