Long-term involvement in emotionally demanding situations can result in burnout, a state of exhaustion on all levels. Three main groups of symptoms indicate burnout in activists: emotional and psychophysical symptoms, depersonalisation and disconnection symptoms, and a sense of inefficiency.

Here's a short video recorded by our expert and Personal and Organisational Resiliency Trainer, Anna Kuliberda, that explains more about these symptoms on our YouTube channel:

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✔️ You can read more about Anna's burnout story here: https://www.annakuliberda.com/post/is-it-burnout-or-am-i-just-exhausted

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Anna Kuliberda is an organization change consultant, educator, and coach who focuses on developing strong team cultures and creative, innovative organizations. Her main interests include the following: catalyzing innovation and facilitating change, empowering organization and individuals in creativity and joy, using active methods in training, well-being and anti burnout solutions for organizations.