In the latest Hive Mind Community podcast, we talk to Wiktoria Jędroszkowiak (Wschód Initiative) and explore together the definition of climate activism, its potential variations, the global versus local aspects of climate activism, and the crucial topic of climate justice and equity within our actions. The podcast also touches on technological themes, including the significance of AI for the climate, climate ecology, and the impact of technology on the climate.

✅ Here are some of the key climate activism questions we’ve discussed:

  • What can be described as climate activism? How do activists organize within such a broad and interdisciplinary subject?

  • What does climate activism look like in 2024, and how has it changed compared to the global mobilization of 2019? What is the most crucial and time-sensitive area of activity regarding climate change in activism right now?

  • Is climate activism today more localized (at a country/region scale) or globalized? Is a global movement possible, and under what conditions? Alternatively, should the work be tailored according to varying cultural contexts and historical backgrounds?

  • How can we promote sustainability in the face of challenges like digital pollution and the carbon footprint of online activity in digital climate activism? How can we balance actions regarding pollution and their impact?

  • How can we address climate change-related disinformation and misinformation spread on social media platforms like TikTok, X/Twitter, etc.? What are the biggest threats regarding disinformation and misinformation from the perspective of climate activism?

  • What opportunities and threats do climate activism movements see in the development of new technology or AI?

  • What are climate justice and climate equity, and how do we define and include them in climate activism? Is an equitable climate future possible?

🎧🔗 Sounds interesting? ✅ Listen to our podcast available now on the Hive Mind Community channel on Spotify & Apple Podcasts to learn more about climate activism and make informed choices impacting our future:

Wiktoria Jędroszkowiak - a climate justice and peace activist, campaigner in Fridays for Future, a global youth movement, and co-founder of WSCHÓD - an initiative for bold people fighting fossil crises in Poland and Eastern Europe.  

🎚️ The podcast was recorded and mixed at "Podcastownia Ciekawość" (Warsaw, Poland) 

🎙 Podcast host: Joanna Krukowska (TechSoup Europe)

🎵 Music by Zykovich Yauheni aka JJ 

 📆 Podcast recorded on January 24, 2024