Layers of care. On activism burnout, stress, and tenderness in NGOs work feat. Natalia Sarata (RegenerAkcja)

Engaging in activism is both a rewarding and tough journey, requiring strong dedication and resilience to overcome obstacles. Beneath the passion for change lies a growing concern: the burnout.

Hive Mind | 2 min read | Mar 19, 2024

1% - The only Civilian Hungaricum

There is a Hungarian, civil concept that has reached Slovakia, Romania and even South Korea, which is the 1% model. This is the only form of direct control that taxpayers in this country have over how their taxes are spent. Which organisations are we happy to support? What does 1% mean for the NGO sector? What is the history of the 1% and what role has the NIOK Foundation played?

NIOK | 1 min read | Feb 29, 2024

You Are Expected to Be Well, Because You Can Only Help if You Are Well

Interview with Both Emőke in the NIOK30 civic leaders podcast series

NIOK | 1 min read | Feb 26, 2024

Civilians in the press - what opportunities do we have?

How can an NGO benefit from its relationship with the press? What should NGOs keep in mind when they appear in the newspaper or on TV? How much impact does what the press says about them have? Is the journalist even obliged to show the material before publishing it? Many similar questions can arise for an NGO when they are in the media or want to get more publicity for their cause. It is a long learning process, but fortunately young organisations can learn from more experienced ones

NIOK | 6 min read | Feb 8, 2024

NIOK | 6 min read | Jan 23, 2024

NIOK | 8 min read | Jan 17, 2024

Build connection online - How can an NGO stay visible?

For NGOs, face-to-face meetings are very important, but in most cases, it is still necessary to keep in touch with donors and reach new people online. In addition, virtuality is becoming an increasingly important part of our daily lives, which is why every organisation needs to find the right channels of communication. Once they have that, they need to make their issue visible through a likeable message.

NIOK | 4 min read | Oct 25, 2023

You need a story - behind-the-scenes secrets of the best communication campaigns

One of the most recurring problems in the work of NGOs is how to get the message across. Often, developing an annual communications strategy can take up a lot of manpower and time, and a targeted campaign can be particularly challenging. But in almost all cases, coordinated and planned communication is essential to ensure the stable functioning of an NGO.

Bakonyi Anna | 3 min read | Jun 30, 2023