Digital Activism


Insights from research and journalism are the basis for an advocacy initiative that brings together relevant stakeholders (government institutions, media associations, individual media, civil society organisations, the scientific-educational community and the private sector) to counter the toxic effects of misinformation by creating an efficient model with the inclusion of all stakeholders. Empirical research data enables advocacy initiatives to encourage appropriate public policy change and concrete actions to reduce the harmful effects of hostile foreign influences. "Excerpt from Research: The effect of misinformation and foreign influences on democratic processes in North Macedonia."

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As a result of the research process and data analysis conducted within the activities to combat disinformation, the "Metamorphosis" Foundation proposes the following recommendations as a basis for joint social action to solve this problem.

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  • Digital Security
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Webinar: Secure Mobile Communications


The FashionForwardNarratives: Empowering Sustainability - Local Action - Case Study

Today, we would like to share with you an important awareness-raising campaign - a case study from the Local Action Plan carried out by our TechSoup Trainers.

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Voices of Climate Activism: Localized Solutions for Global Challenges feat. Wiktoria Jędroszkowiak (Wschód)

Climate change stands as one of the greatest challenges facing contemporary activism. This interdisciplinary, multi-level problem engages hundreds of thousands of activists and non-governmental organizations worldwide. In 2019, global climate movements such as Extinction Rebellion and Fridays For Future catalyzed a worldwide mobilization and unprecedented awareness of climate change. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic and armed conflicts in Ukraine and the Gaza Strip, the scope and significance of the climate fight have gained additional urgency.

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"How to Keep Hope Alive in the Darkest of Times: Communicating Ukraine" - a Resiliency Kit Webinar - Key Takeaways

Unlock the power of storytelling with the takeaways from the "How to Keep Hope Alive in the Darkest of Times: Communicating Ukraine" online workshop by Val Voshchevska.

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AI with Social Impact. Artificial Intelligence’s Role in NGO Empowerment - feat. Aleksandra Przegalińska.

Hive Mind Community Podcast on the Benefits of Artificial Intelligence for NGOs and Civil Society Members (CSOs).

2 min read | Aug 28, 2023

Jak uzdravit informační prostor?

S radostí vás zveme na výjimečnou networkingovou akci věnovanou problematice dezinformací, kterou pro vás připravil Kampus Hybernska a Sdružení VIA za podpory a Univerzity Karlovy.

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