The idea behind the Local Action Plans for Trainers (actively engaged members of the TechSoup Community of Practice) is to apply their digital skills, knowledge, and connections into small-scale projects for their local communities. It’s a way to transfer theory (collected through various training organized in the framework of the Digital Activism Program) into practice at a local level through such actions as communication campaigns, workshops, and content creation; all with the aim of strengthening the resilience of activists and communities alike. We are proud to be able to support these wonderful trainers and assist them along the way in bringing about real change.

The "FashionForwardNarratives: Empowering Sustainability" project supported local communities in Serbia engaged in sustainable fashion, environmental protection, and cultural diversity, with a particular focus on digitally excluded women, mostly over 65 years old. Led by two civil society organizations, "Women on the Way" and "Nitna," the initiative seeks to empower women involved in sustainable fashion. Despite women being the main actors in this field, they often lack resources and time for digital literacy skills, hindering their ability to promote their work through digital platforms.

The participants, located across various parts of Serbia, represented initiatives that rarely had the opportunity to extend their work beyond their localities. The project's goal was to bridge the digital gap, providing digital empowerment to older women and women-led initiatives, fostering collaboration, and promoting their principles in sustainable fashion through online platforms. Recognizing the need for a foundation in digital literacy, the project emphasized tailored training sessions, one-on-one mentorship meetings and joint campaign ensuring that participants can effectively navigate and leverage digital tools for digital activism, not only for sustainable and different fashion, but also feminism, democracy and solidarity.

▶️ To find out more about the activity and ideas that led to creating the "FashionForwardNarratives: Empowering Sustainability" project, watch the engaging coversation between our trainer and the Local Action project coordinator, Nataša Niškanović and the project partner, Katerina Ejdus:

Nataša Niškanović - Media and Communications Consultant passionate about applying communication, entrepreneurial and managerial principles and skills in the development of social innovations, civil society initiatives and society in general. Believes social economy is the future of the society therefore I have founded the organization for sustainable development and economy "Nitna" and initiative for promotion of sustainable fashion "Festival drugačije mode".

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