Join us as we tackle the most frequently asked questions, and explore the highs, lows, and ongoing evolution of connecting with Gen Z. While it might not be a full-on, in-depth research on the subject, this fast-paced, humorous, and informative Q&A video recording offers a swift way to gain valuable insights and take the first steps on the path to improving your communications style with the Gen Z audience.


Activists, journalists, leaders of organizations—whether you have a background in comms or not—if you want to win the hearts and minds of Gen-Z, simply press "play" and get your FAQ's answered!


You will:

  • understand Gen Z better: who they are, what channels they use, and how to connect with them

  • get tips & tricks to improve your communication with Gen Z

  • find out what "cringe" means and whether you're it. ;-)


Berina Bulatović is currently in the final stages of completing her Master's degree in Psychology at the University of Sarajevo. What truly excites her is her role at the Youth Council of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which serves as the umbrella youth organization in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Council primarily focuses on empowering young people by informing them about their rights as recognized by the Law on Youth of FBiH, building their capacity, and advocating for their better position in the society. The driving force behind Berina's work is the opportunity to positively impact young individuals' lives and contribute to their personal growth and development.

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