We also seek to create a community in which organizations, experts and academics can show their knowledge and tools, both on the Hive Mind platform, as well as in virtual and in-person events that we develop. With these events, we seek that more organizations and members of civil society get involved and can implement in their projects, with a healthy digital presence. This based on the thematic pillars of:

  • Countering misinformation

  • Positive narratives

  • Online campaigns

  • Digital security

  • Media literacy

What is Makaia?

It is a social organization where we enhance capacities for social development through cooperation, technology and innovation. Our vision is that every person and organization has the information and knowledge to increase opportunities that allow them to transform themselves integrally and transform their environment.

Learn more about Makaia and the work we did during 2023 with events such as Conectad@s: ganémosle el pulso a la desinformación, the launch of our community of experts VerazMente with 11 other Colombian organizations and ¡Ven acá! Myths and truths about disinformation.